Essential Permutations and CombinationsEssential Permutations & Combinations: A Self-Teaching Guide
by Tim Hill


The mathematics of counting permutations and combinations is required knowledge for probability, statistics, professional gambling, and many other fields. But counting is hard. Students find it hard. Teachers find it hard. And in the end the only way to learn is to do many problems. Tim Hill's learn-by-example approach presents counting concepts and problems of gradually increasing difficulty. If you become lost or confused, then you can back up a bit for clarification. With practice, you'll develop the ability to decompose complex problems and then assemble the partial solutions to arrive at the final answer. The result: learn in a few weeks what conventional schools stretch into months.


1. The Sum Rule and Product Rule
2. Permutations
3. Combinations
4. The Binomial Theorem
5. Combinations with Repetition
6. Summary and Solutions


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